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Sincerely : Kegel Exercise System


Item: SS52082

  • Each uniquely weighted
  • Pink - 1.6 oz
  • Green - 2.6 oz
  • Purple - 3.7 oz

This set includes 3 kegel balls in different sizes to satisfy your needs. For vaginal stimulation, these Kegels are perfect for you. Slip one into your vagina and feel the incredible stimulation.

Each Kegel ball contains a small weight inside it. Besides stimulation your vagina, they will also act as a vagina workout, making your inner muscles stronger and tighter for your pleasure.

Additional information:
We suggest you start with the large size first, as it's easier to hold and manipulate.

After your muscles are trained and stronger, then switch to the medium weight. Then from there the small weight.

Once you reach this level, you & your partner will feel the difference in your love muscles.

Quick guide manual leaflet, and storing pouch included.

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